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Real Food for a

Real Meal

In 2018, fed up with the lack of a substantial and nutritionally balanced meal replacement bar, I launched Libra Bar to create my ideal meal replacement bar. At 500 calories, this bar is substantial enough to replace a missed meal and keep you satisfied for hours. One bar contains roughly 2 servings of fruit, 2 servings of egg whites and 2 servings of nuts for a balanced macro-nutrition profile and sustained energy. Libra Bar uses only four main all-natural ingredients: dates, egg whites, almonds, and cashews. A real meal should come from real food and you shouldn’t have to compromise if you live a busy and active lifestyle. So next time you have to work through lunch, have a long travel day, or need energy for a grueling workout, keep a Libra Bar by your side!

The Best

We believe the best meals come from the best ingredients and a bar should be no exception. We use dates as a natural sweetener and an excellent source of fiber; they also have a low glycemic index and provide more sustained energy than the syrups commonly used in other bars. Almonds and cashews are a source of high quality natural fats, necessary nutrients, and antioxidants. Egg whites were chosen as the principle protein source for the bar because they are a complete protein and contain all nine essential amino acids. The goal of this bar is not only to make you feel full, but also satisfied that you had a healthy and complete meal.